Mission Statement

The Alliant Energy Center of Dane County will manage and operate first-rate venues for local, regional, national, and international events. The facilities will consistently deliver superior, user-friendly services to all its customers, clients, tenants, visitors, guests, and employees. The Alliant Energy Center will be properly maintained, and professionally and efficiently operated. The Alliant Energy Center will benefit the community and citizens of Dane County by providing the economic and quality of life benefits related to its success in the conventions, expositions, meeting, and trade show industry and hosting entertainment, sporting, livestock exhibition, consumer, and social events. The Alliant Energy Center shall achieve these objectives with no General Fund operating subsidy.


Alliant Energy Center is a key regional asset that serves as a dynamic convening campus providing an exceptional and authentic experience for the community and visitors alike. The integrated campus serves as a catalyst for a vibrant destination district driving tax base growth and increased access to economic opportunity.